2022Exhibition at Berlin



2022725日から81日までドイツのベルリンにあるBackhaus projectというギャラリーで展示をしました。






 From 25 July to 1 August 2022, the exhibition was held at the Backhaus project gallery in Berlin, Germany.

Due to the pandemic of covid-19 over the past two years, there were various restrictions on going abroad.. but after about a year of planning, I was finally able to hold the exhibition.

I'm still seeking for my own visual expression based on textiles. in this time, rather than a concept, I wanted to improvise and create more sensory and spontaneously.

I could see that so many people really look at my work and the frank and honest reactions made me very happy and enjoyable.

Thank you so much for coming and support me, It was very meaningful experience. I hope I can do it again in Berlin!